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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 16, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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speeding. >> i was thinking what a big jerk. >> what has been done to the man drivinn the vehicle one week after we first showed you the video. >> restrained by a city police officer and caught on camera. what led to the confrontation, and why the mother of a 14-year-old girl said the officer ent too far. what the morticians that dragged this body out of an apartment are facing tonight. @% and it is the animal kingdom's version of (inaudible). >> live in high definition, from wbff tv ii baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition." >> good evening, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. one week ago the state demanded action avenue motorist captured what has happened since?
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>> jeff abell is along 695 in towson with details about why no one has been reprimanded..3 >> in the past year the speed camera trucks have snapped thousands of motorists speeding through interstate work zones. but more than a week ago, a motorist captured one of the trucks spiked itself. at the time, state officials demanded disciplinary action. and called on the private company that administers the program to track down the driver. so far state officials say the company cannot seem to identify the driver. but the probe goes on. >> this is an incident by one individual. driving vehicle. in terms of the speeding violation that took place. >> despite that incident, state officials say that speed camera program is hugely successful. in fact, slowing speeders at work zones by 45%. in towson. jeff bell, fox 45 news "late edition".
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>> first on fox now. some baltimore city police officers are accused of using excessive force on a 14-year-old girl and the confrontation is all caught on you camera. >> jayda johnson said it happened yesterday afternoon along west hamburg and hanover. it all began when officers coofronted the girl about a fight she had with a group of other girls. but the mother said the daughter was tacked by those girls and then police.3 >> one of the cops was 6 foot tall, 200 pounds. had his feet on her back. >> i want to see them off he streets. because i know this happened more than one time. it probably was not a brave enough person to say anything. >> the mother has filed an official complaint. tonight city police are looking into the case.
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>> new tonight. the man that blinded a baltimore police officer is sentenced to 12 years. 20-year-old james kimball convicted of slinging a beer mug at a detective's head while friends said kimball was not a hardened criminal but the racial slurs shouted are intolerable the judge said. >> exotic creatures stolen, were foun. ten animals and insects found hidden in an apartment complex. robbers raided the carrie murray nature center tuesday morning for the second time. during the theft sunday night a large iguana, two geckos, turtles and madagascar hissing cockroachs were taken. there was a growing fear that rare creatures would not last long without the proper care. >> people don't know how to take care of them. so why they would take them, i don't know. because they need special lighting and food. it is very sad. even want a regular cockroach in
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my house, but not a big one that makes noise says. no. >> well, the animals are back at the nature center tonight where they are nursed back to health. >> the feds have tapeed phone discussing bribes to pg countys officials. crime and justice joy lepola said it could be tied to jack johnson. >> in court today, federal prosecutors discussed how federal agents listened as a couple talked about paying off county officials. it also came out what agents found inside of the couple's class,ville home. hidden in a closet, agents came across $400,000 in cash. land records indicate the home alone is worth $2.3 million. the family was among nine george's police officers,rince arrested monday for charges involving drugs, guns and black
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market alcohol and cigarettes. >> the affidavit reveals that today's law enforcement investigation is the tip of an iceberg. what i mean by that, is that it corruption investigation by the fbi and irs. >> neighbors tell me that agents were at the melhi class,ville home yesterday morning. they did not know what to think since the couple mostly kept to themselves. the melhis own several liquor stores in the area. joy lepola, fox 45 news "late edition." >> this was our question of the day all day today. do you trust your elected officials? 5% say yes. 95% say no. chuck wrote, our elected leaders are supposed to represent us. we're often finding they are representing themselves. pat writes, very few are good people working for the good of the people. >> the skateworks roller rink in woodlawn closed.
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rink is runs hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. and going through bankruptty. -usiness fell after allegations of a 12-year-old gang rapeed inside of the rink back in august. over the years, police were called to the rink several times to deal with rowdy crowds. >> federal regulators could soon consider a ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages. one new york enator said fda is expected to rule caffeine is unsafe in alcoholic drinks. ruling drinks from stores. four states already ban the drinks. and late word at this hour, that the makers of four loko is going to remove caffeine from their drinks. >> state lawmakers are trying hard to find evelopers to buy the remaining slots liccnses. they would like to revvse state law to allow one company to own -ore than one slots license. that means the cordish company, that owns slots license at arundel mills, or penn national that owns the perryville casino could own a second license.
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>> if you have a provider of gaming, that has a site, somewhere nles maryland, to me, that offers that particular enterprise an opportunity to be able to pull resources and use that and be more profitable and help the tate at the same time. >> the general assembly would have to approve any changes in duel ownership of slots licenses. >> tomorrow, baltimore city teachers vote again on a that would raise teachers pay@ and expectations. asking for teachers support, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake posted a message, on "youtube", and undee the new contract, teachers would no longer receive automatic raises based on tenure and degrees earned. >> instead, teachers pay is based on an evaluation system. that would tie-in student performance. >> bad day for our financial stability. a congressionaa oversight panel warned today that big problem
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with foreclosures, could cause even more up evil in the housing market. and undermine the nation's financial stabiliiy. it all stems from revelations of several big mortgage companies sped through housands of home foreclosures, without properry checkkng the paperwork. >> bad day for ccngressman rangel,,ethics panel finds him guilty on 11 counts of breaking house rules. the charges include financial and fund raising wrongdoing. rangel said he was deprived of due process and the right to counsel sell. he walked out of the hearing yesterday. saying he could not afford an attorney. >> well a really good day for prince wiiliam and his longtime girlfriend kate middleton. the two announced their engagement today. the prince popped the question @%st month while vacationing in kenya. they are expected to tie the knot in london next spring or @%mmer. the engagement ring, by the way, was the one worn by william's late mother, princess diana. >> can you imagine the coverage of the wedding.
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>> something to look forward to for royal watchers. >> annther rainy day out there in these parts. >> when will it dry out? here is vytas reid. >> we are seeing rain out there. looking at when the rain will dry up. >> here is what is going on. rain is coming down. and as the rain has precipitation. we continue to see the showers through the overnight. and that area of low pressure. look at the counter-clockwise ssin. circulation over ohio. that's the center of the storm. that will move over pennsylvania. and behind it is the winds. that's what we see tonight. chance of a few rumbles of thunder.3 show you how long it sticks around and how much llnger the winds will stick around and when the sun returns, coming up in the seven-day forecast. back to you guys. >> in news news you need to kno. mega bus is adding routes to and from baltimore.
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passengers will be able to get to places like buffalooand torontt. new routes start december 15. now prices start as low as one dollar each way, if you book really far in advance. >> looking for a get away this holiday season. buy a christmas tree. maryland christmas tree association is offering a free trip to laughfyya as a prize if you choose one of their tree %-that's where the christmas tre >> beatles on i-tunes. that means the entitle catalog is avaalable for purchase. allum for sale individually, or purchase the entire box set for $150. so music lovers, can now come together, forget about yesterday, and download something.
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>> workers in a new york city morgue did not take their sensitivity training. what they need a lesson in common sense and human compassion. >> i just went to the family to get closure. it is ridiculous, going on five days now. >> search continues for three missing people after one is found bound and gaged in a man's basement. the evidence iscovered along a -ake near their home. >> and still ahead. it is david versus galie yath. what a cat takes on an ♪ have a better day...
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>> the search continues for three people missing in ohio. cadaver dogs are seerching for them. so far they have found a sock, shoe, and trash bags. 13-year-old sarah anard found bound and gagged in mathew
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hoffman's basement. hoffman made the first appearance before a judge today. his bail is set at $1 million. local residents re helping in the search. >> they are hoping he finds three missing people. >> i am hoping thht we give the family closure. ii doesn't matter what the dogs find. i want that family o get closure. it is ridiculous. >> no one has heard, or seen, from sarah manard's brother, last week. family friend since doctor elected last week. graples with common sense. he railed against obama care, questioned among representatives at the orientation, why his government subsidized health plan takes a month to kick in. @% claims he was merely pointing out the inefficiency of government health care.
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we will let him slide. >> connecticut couple is sued by the man convicted of killing their 14-year-old child. david weaving killed mathew kenny while mathew was riding a bike. kenny family blaming them for allowing their boy to ride his bike without a helmet. >> as far as inmates, ability to file these sorts of suits. i think, the citizens of tte state of connecticut ought to contact legislators and ask why@ they have free access to the judicial system, when others of us have to pay certain fees, in order to proceed with claims. >> connecticut law allows slime like this to sue. how is that for common sense? >> here is common sense run amuck. fivv minute you video shows morticians dragging the body of a man out of an apartment, down the hall, down a flight of stairs nd toss it into the van. the family is suing.
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the body deserves more respect than given. >> will we see sun eventually in this work week? >> go to chief meteorologist vytas reid. with the sky watch forecast. >> there you go. definitely. this ii kind of cold season, up and down with temperatures. rain out there. the wind is moving in. and here is what is going on folks. we have hh skycam. shaking there. with the winds blowing. and gusting anywhere 25 to 30 milee per hour at times. hd skycam shows the drops on the lens there. 61 degrees. there are showers in the area. immediately downtown. maybe it is kind of pread out. but looking at winds out of the south-southeast at 13. and that will pick up through the overnight. now lookkng at radar here. we can see on h.d. radar showers moving in. eastern shore getting rain. nothing downtown. that's why we have cloudy skies. back northwest, stronger storms lining up. through pennsylvania. soowe have to watth this line kind of to the west.
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because that will develop. as it goes down to parts of virginia. actually some severe thunderstorms down there.3 and tornado watches. because of the line thaa will conttnue to fire up as it runs into the warm air. all wrapping arounddthis area of low pressure. centered over parts of central ohio. you can see the counter clock wise spin. and behind it, clearing over indianapolis, and southern indiana evansville and louisville. it will move northeast. over pennsslvania. but then it will give us a chance for some possible ggsty thunderstorms that we have to watch onight. in fact, there is a line firing up. thattlater overnight tonight we may have thunder out of it and clearing tomorrow. and heee is a look at the advisories out there.3 we have wind aavisories in western maryland, north of us. and south. yellow indicates tornado watches. and active severe thunderstorm warnings down there jjst west of richmond. so it looks like definitely severe weather south. winds out of the south 13 in
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baltimore. 20 miles per hour in d.c. gusting 25 to 33 across thee3 %-that will be the caae for tomorrow. windy. through the mid afternoon. 62 degrees right now in baltimore. 64 in d.c. 63 in salisbury. 65 in fredericksberg. and off to the west. oakland.@ 46. so the mild flow is coming in from the west. as we continue to see the warm air moving ahead of the system. warmerraar it looks like the lo3 will continue to wrrparound this frontal boundary that allows for the warm air to come out of the ssuth. behind it will continue to allow theewarr air to follow. and we will continue to see that chhnce ffr the showers and thunderstorm activity tonight. then it moves north. and we wwll start to get breaks in the clouds overnightt and it looks like things will quiet down through the next i will have a detailed look at up. >> it is a feline reptill showdown. which one had to call in ack up. >> the ravens are playing one of the worst teams innthe
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>> spectators at a rodeo become
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part of the show when a run away bull makes the way into the crowd. get this. >> the 1600-pound bull threw the rider, then jumped a barrier rodeo staff had to chase him down anddtie him up. four people were hurt. >> and get this. mono oman know in new orleans. between cat and alligator. not since david and galiath packing has there been such an impressive display of under cat@ ttis one cat takes on not one, no, not one, but two alligators. and both alligators actuully back down. incidentally, why are all of those people standing aaound laughinn feet away from the alligators? >> there has been a change in the ravens schedulee the next home game, a week from sunday, has been flexed by the nfl. scheduled as a 1:00 game. moved to 4:15. ittseems the whole nation wants to see it. i doubt the whole nation wants
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to see this sunday's game. after all the carolina panthers might be the worst team in the nfl. they come in 1-8, tied with the bills for the worst record in the league. but bills you remember gave the ravens its and that's why usual not take it lightly either. >> we have o win this game. if we want to accomplish what we want to accomplish as a team. >> look at carolina, offensive line, running back, wide receiver, defense, and the way they run to the ball. they have not won games but they are playing good. and that's proven time and time again with the people we have played already. and we have our work cut out for us. and it will be a tough football >> baseball, phillies ace holiday wins the cy young award. received 32 1st place votes. beating out players from cardinals. first season in the league, he went 22-10 with 2.44 earned run
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average. and perfect game agaanst the marlins. fifth time in history that a pitcher woo the cy young in both lesion. he won the american league version with the blue jays in 2003, win ear nouns thursday. >> time again for the high school game of the week contest. vote for the game you would ike to see highlights of by going to and click on high school game of the weekk this week's slate of games for friday novemmer 19. all regional finals in the football playoffs. broadneck vs arundel in football. franklin vs. north harford in football. wilde lake vss river hill in football. city college vs. eastern tech in football. we will announce the winner on thursday night. >> and remember you can watch all the high school state championships over on our sister station, cw baltimore. 3 a tate final, ttursday december 7:00. 4 a finals next day, friday december three, 7:30. two championships on saturday december 4. first the 1 a staae finals at noon. followed by 2 a staae
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championship at 2:30. you can see all four state title games on our sister station, cw baltimore. i will be joined by former ravens wally williams in tte booth for all four games. >> final look at the overnight. it looks liie we will see a chance of thunderstorms, and temperatures in the 60s right now. temperatures will start to
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>> final look at the seven-day forecast. tomorrow temperatures around 64. overnight showers, maybe rumble of thunder. with winds picking up through the day tomorrow. sun back in play as well. thursday, few clouds back in the pick. 58 degrees. 53 friday. with sunshine. and then intt the week. plenty of sunshine. upper 50s. and 66s are back in play early parts of next week. jennifer and jeff. >> all right. that does it forrthe late edition. thank you for joining us. i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert have a gr the chevy malibu was designed to catch the eye... but great design is also what you don't see. like dependability, a one-hundred thousand-mile, five-year powertrain warranty and being named a consumers digest best buy
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